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Jews in Venezuela.


We feel much gratified on being able to announce as an evidence of real progress, the fact that the Venezuelan government has given the few Israelites at present established at Caracas, a piece of ground for a burying-place. If one looks back upon the history of Spain and its dependencies, and notices with how much rancour all dissentients from the Catholic church were persecuted unto death, and none more so than our own brethren, the heart must warm with emotions of thankfulness that now this great change has come over a part of the former Spanish dominion, which admits to the rights of residents persons of all persuasions. Indeed bigotry has there retrograded, and we trust that Venezuela, freed from the tyrannical power of an absolute government, and of a church equally exclusive, will advance in happiness and peace to take rank amidst the first nations of the earth.

Still the Israelites living in Caracas are as yet but few in number, and they need the aid of their fellow-Israelites to enable them to make proper use of the benefaction of the Venezuelan government; we therefore lay before our readers the following letter, received a month ago from Curaçoa, which will speak for itself.—We duly transmitted the letters enclosed to New York and Charleston, and handed the one for our own congregation to the President; and we trust that the appeal in so good a cause will be readily responded to.—Any donations sent to us or to A. Hart, Esq., the President of our congregation, will be duly forwarded to their destination.—With these few remarks, we recommend the subject to the kind attention of our brethren throughout America.

Curaçoa, 8th July, 1844.

Mr. Isaac Leeser:

Reverend Sir—Although we have not the honour of your acquaintance, confiding on your known zeal in behalf of Judaism, we take the liberty to enclose you three letters, directed to the wardens of different Synagogues in your place of residence and its neighbourhood, with request to have them delivered and carefully forwarded to their respective addresses. We consider it necessary to add, that the object of said letters is to crave a subscription towards the erection of a Jewish burying-place in the city of Caracas, capital of the republic of Venezuela, where our brethren in faith residing there procured and obtained from the government of the country a suitable lot of ground for that purpose; but as their number is not very extensive, they cannot by themselves undertake to defray the expenses attending such laudable work, and therefore seek the assistance of their co-religionists round the world. Considering their attempt as a very religious one, which most probably will hereafter tend to the benefit of Israelites visiting or establishing themselves in that city, already admitted in history as a place of importance, we venture to hope that the work of our above named enterprising brethren will have the desired effect. We flatter ourselves that you will not hesitate to give their undertaking the necessary protection, by endeavouring to promote in every respect the ultimate success of such pious enterprise, for which the parties interested, as well as ourselves, as their delegates, will feel highly indebted to you, and be at all times ready to reciprocate.

We further offer you our services in whatever you may think proper to command, while,

We remain, very respectfully,
Your most obedient servants,

A. H. Senior,
Jr. Abm. Jesurun,
Jeosuah Naar.