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Sunday School of Barbadoes.


On Sunday, the 4th August, 1844, corresponding with the 19th Ab, 5604, an examination of the pupils belonging to the Sunday school “Shanare Limud,” took place at the vestry room, Synagogue buildings, on which occasion all the pupils, Superintendent, Secretary, and teachers were present, as well as the following parents and grand-parents:—Mrs. Sarah Lobo, senior, Mrs. M. C. D’Azevedo, Mrs. Sarah N. Carvalho, Mrs. Raphael Lindo, Mrs. Isaac Lobo, Mr. M. C. D’Azevedo, and Mr. S. E. Daniels.

The Superintendant, Mrs. Finzi, examined the first class, and by her request, Mr. Azevedo examined the second, Mr. Daniels the third, and Mrs. Isaac Lobo the fourth class; the pupils were questioned on the different branches of their instructions, the Bible, Daily Prayer book, Leeser’s and Cahen’s (translated) Catechisms, Pyke’s Scriptural Questions, and Peixotto’s Elementary Introduction to the Scriptures, to which they all readily replied, and gave general satisfaction; they afterwards chaunted several hymns and En Kelohanoo; Mrs. Finzi then addressed the children as follows:

“As this, our first examination, has ended, and I trust satisfactorily to your dear parents and our friends, I think it necessary I should make a few remarks, which I hope will tend to your future benefit. Although unusual, at quarterly examinations, to bestow premiums on the deserving, we have thought fit to do so in this instance, with the sincere hope that it will promote a farther and greater desire for emulation in your young hearts; these gifts are but trifling proofs of merit meeting with its reward; how much more may you expect in after-life, when you reflect, and feel that you have religiously and industriously fulfilled those duties pointed out to you by our Lawgiver and your parents; by adhering strictly to the tenets of our blessed religion, and the command of your elders, you will not err, for we are told in our holy Scriptures, “each seed produceth fruit after its kind;” so shall you all by diligently cultivating the seeds of obedience to God and your parents ultimately reap the fruit of peace and happiness here, and eternal bliss hereafter. I feel pleasure in saying, your kind teachers and myself are much gratified in perceiving the improvement you have made, and our best exertions will be used by patience and attention to give you farther instruction. There have been indulgences granted which I am called upon to state must cease, and which is, that no child shall be allowed to leave the room, or move about the school, except permission is asked. I am aware we shall at first find it difficult to keep the youngest quiet; but we must conquer them, for if we do not train them to obedience now, we shall have cause to regret it.—I shall feel farther gratified in hearing from yourselves, whether you have benefitted, and if you do not feel happier in being wiser and more learned in our religion than you were four months ago.—I will not detain you longer than to say, you have all my best wishes for your improvement; may God bless you, and continue to crown our undertaking with success.”

Mrs. Finzi having concluded, she distributed prizes to all according to their merits; the children appeared pleased, and the parents highly delighted with the improvement, and complimented the several teachers, Superintendant, and Secretary for the care they had bestowed on the children, so that in the short space of time that the institution had been established (say five months) they were able to reply correctly to the various questions put to them.

Sophia Daniels, Secretary.

Vestry Room, Barbadoes, August 4th. 1844.