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Examination* of the Pupils of the Beth Limmud, at Kingston, Jamaica.

* This article came too late for insertion in our previous number.—Ed. Oc.

On Sunday morning, March 2d, at about 10 o’clock, many Jewish and other families were seen entering the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, which in a few moments was replete with ladies and gentlemen of all denominations. The greatest order was observed in the arrangement of seats, which contributed much to the comfort of the fair visitors. The gentlemen were stationed on each side, forming a dense assembly; and the seats in front were occupied by the President and Directors of the institution. On the other side, opposite the ark, at a certain distance, were located the ladies, forming altogether a vacant square in the centre of the building, where benches were expressly arranged for the pupils. The wardens and officers of both Synagogues occupied the platform facing the ark, to which place were conducted the Revs. Jacobs, Nathan, and Carrillon. The situation these gentlemen occupied was calculated to afford them a full view of the pupils.

Previous to the examination, Dr. Amos Henriques, the President, addressed the assembly in an eloquent and forcible manner, in which he made allusions to the rise and progress of the Beth Limmud, and to the laudable desire of promoting its welfare, to effect which he called upon his hearers to unite their efforts in its accomplishment.

At eleven o’clock, the students of both sexes, accompanied by their tutor, Mr. Wm. Carter, and their Hebrew instructor, Mr. Abraham Delevante, proceeded from the school-room to the Synagogue, and immediately after commenced their operations in the Hebrew language, under the direction of Mr. Delevante. We must assert, that much commendation is due to this gentleman for their progress in this branch of their studies. Having gone through this, much to the satisfaction of all present, Mr. Carter commenced examining them in the several branches of the English department; and we do not hesitate asserting, that the admirable manner in which they acquitted themselves redounds much to the credit of this gentleman, whose system of imparting knowledge seemed to have been deeply appreciated by all who were present on the occasion. The pupils evinced their improvement under him, by the beautiful manner in which they answered the questions put to them, both in theory and practice.

A series of recitations were executed by Misses Rebecca Motta, Esther Mendes, Judith Monsanto, and Sarah Melhado, and by Masters Deleon, Garcia, and De Souza, in a creditable manner. Before the conclusion, Miss Rebecca Motta recited the following verses, composed expressly for the occasion by Mr. Carter, an admirable translation of which, in Hebrew verse, by Mr. Delevante, having been previously delivered by Master Jacob Pereira :

“Beth Limmud.”

O, bless’d be the land where in peace we abide­—
The land of fair streamlets, the Antilles’ pride;
The beauteous gem of the Atlantic’ss wide sea,
The home of the stranger—the exile—the free.
And bless’d be that Dome which our kinsmen have rear’d,
To eternize the fame our ancestors shar’d;
May Heaven, through ages, from perils seclude
The path of our glory, our fam’d Beth Limmud.

A voice now accosts us—‘tis urgent and shrill,
’Tis Wisdom’s sweet accents exhorting us still;
Unlock’d are her fountains, her bounties she spreads,
Wi’ her juvenile train the wide pathway she treads.
But hark! from afar peals the trumpet of fame,
List ye to its voice!—‘tis the Israelite's name;
Then bless’d be those halls, let their strength be renew’d,
The path of our glory, our fam’d Beth Limmud.

We hail the bright day when that fabric shall stand
Conspicuous in splendour, the pride of our land,
Her offspring unrivall’d—the conquest their own—
The champions of honour and spotless renown.
Yes, that fabric shall stand, unsullied—secure,
The bulwark of ages her indurate mure;
Nor tempests’ wild havoc shall cease to exclude
The path of our glory, our fam’d Beth Limmud.

O, spirits of our fathers, preceptors of old—
Bright stem of our patriarchs’ eminent fold!
Impart, we intreat ye, a luminous ray,
To guide us united in virtue’s fair way.
And ye, belov’d kinsmen, our patrons rever’d—
The fostering fathers of Israel endear’d—
The honour escort us her portals reclude,
And cherish the name of our fam’d Beth Limmud.

The whole was concluded by a fervent prayer, delivered by Miss Esther Mendes, and composed for the occasion by the Rev. Nathan.