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Consecration of a Synagogue In Mobile.


It affords me peculiar gratification to announce to you, the success which has attended our efforts in this city, in the establishment of a congregation and place of worship. On Friday evening, 27th Kislev, corresponding with 26th December, we opened, for the first time, the new building which has latterly been prepared for our use. It was originally used by the Episcopalians, from whom it passed intro the hands of the Unitarians, and upon the disorganization of that society in our city, the Universalists leased it, and it was used by them during the preceding year. That sect having purchased another building, the congregation concluded to lease this one, and have taken it for a term of years. We have fitted it up in a style of simplicity and neatness which will accord it a place amongst  the most costly of our Synagogues in this country, The design we have had in view was beauty and taste, without any ostentation or gaudy display of architecture. The work, therefore, is plain, yet so exceedingly neat, all the appointments being in such unison, even to the covering of the entire floor, that the coup d’oeil strikes every beholder with admiration and satisfaction. The opening services were under the direction of Mr. Da Silva, formerly of New York, who has been appointed as Reader to the congregation. In the absence of a choir., and from the fact that many, and in fact a majority of our members are unacquainted with the Portuguese mode of reading, the ceremonies were very simple, and included little more than the ordinary service for the eve of the Sabbath, with the addition of a discourse delivered by Col. D. Salomon. It will suffice, perhaps, to express to you the universal satisfaction with which his remarks were received. There has been a general feeling of favour and interest manifested in our undertaking by all our co-religionists in the city, and I trust I will not be considered as neglecting others, if I particularly name the zeal with which the President of the congregation, (Israel I. Jones, Esq.,) has conducted the enterprise until its happy consummation We are now fairly embarked under the most auspicious circumstances, and feel every confidence in progressing rapidly and satisfactorily. Mobile, January 4th, 1846.