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Under this title the Rev. Herman Felsenheld of this city, proposes to issue a weekly German paper, for the same object for which the Occident is intended, the diffusion of knowledge on the Jewish religion. It is a fact sufficiently well known, that an English paper or periodical, no matter how well suited to many Israelites in America, must fail of being of use to the far larger number of our co-religionists, as they are emigrants from Germany, and do not understand the English. They ought, however, to be also instructed in matters of so vital importance to them as religion and duty; hence we regard every effort to effect this purpose as one towards which we cannot feel indifferent. Mr. Felsenheld appears to us to unite in himself the proper qualifications to aid in this field of labour. He is a graduate of a rabbinical school, we think of Würtzburg, and he writes a very easy and correct German, a circumstance of no little importance in a public writer. He is extensively acquainted in Germany, and is of that class of men, quite rare in our days, who are equally distant from vile innovations and obstinate stability for whatever is sanctified through nothing but age. We trust, therefore, that his proposal will meet with due encouragement, and that he may soon be able to lay his labours before the public.

The “Jedidiah” will be published weekly at three dollars per annum. Orders for the same may be addressed to the editor of the Occident, as well as to Mr. Felsenheld direct.