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Poetry and Fiction by Rebekah Hyneman (1816-1875)



SYMBOLS (1853)


A little purling rill,
Half hidden from the view,
By moss and wild flowers sheltered well,
And nurtured by the dew.


A laughing, limpid stream,
That dimples in the sun,
Rejoicing in his golden beam,
And gaily hurrying on.


A torrent, leaping wildly o'er
Mountain and rocky height,
Impatient of restraining power,
Exulting in its might.


A river, baring its broad breast,
Freighted with precious store,
And hurrying onward with the rest,
To the somber ocean's roar.

And oh! Thou wide and trackless sea,
Whose solemn waves roll on,
Meet emblem of eternity,
When man's short race is run.

River, and stream, and mountain rill,
And leaping waterfall,
Flow toward thee, unresisting still,
And thou engulfest all.

Full many a gem, oh! Ocean dark,
Lies hidden in thy caves--
Full many a richly freighted bark
Has sunk beneath thy waves.

So death has hidden jewels rare
Within his cold embrace;
The wise, the cherished, hasten there,
And earth knows not their place.