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News Items.


Philadelphia.—At the annual election for officers of the United Hebrew Beneficial Fuel Saving Society, held on the 5th of April, 1846, the following gentlemen were elected: Z. A. Davis, President; Isaac Leeser, Vice President; Julius Jacobs, Treasurer; S. M. Klosser, Secretary; and A. Bart, Joseph L. Moss, Joseph Fatman, A. Stein, S. Elfelt, A. S. Wolf, D. Pesoa, S. Lyon, J. Ulman, H. Van Beil, M. A. Van Collem, and B. Greenewald, managers.—At the annual election of the Congregation Rodef Sholem, held on Tuesday, April 14, the following gentlemen were elected to serve one year: Simon Elfelt, Parnass; Solomon Kayser, Treasurer; S. Weil, S. Adler, J. Geisenberger, and B. Greenewald, Trustees; and D. A. Davis, Secretary.

Charleston.—We received a letter lately stating that the orthodox portion of the Israelites of Charleston were engaged in forming a congregation; the constitution has been made and ratified; the election of officers was to have been held this week (between the 18th and 24th of April); we shall probably learn more particulars in time for our next.

Cleveland.—We understand that the Israelites of Cleveland are proceeding with their Synagogue. A collection was made lately in our city, and a contribution voted by our own congregation, to aid in this good enterprise. We should, indeed, be happy to be made the instrument to forward any donation of our friends for the same object.

Coro.—One of our correspondents in St. Thomas, informs us that it is contemplated to establish a congregation at Coro, on the Spanish Main; unless there be one in Caracas or Laguayra, this is the first formed in the former Spanish dependencies. We wish our brothers God speed.

New York.—We see by the papers that the Rev. Mr. Leo, minister for the Elm Street Synagogue, has arrived from England.

Richmond.—The Rev. M. Michelbacher of this city has been elected minister of the. German congregation. at Richmond, Virginia; he preached his first sermon on last Passover.

England.—Prayers have been offered up at London, by order of the Chief Rabbi, for the success of the mission of Sir James Montefiore to Russia. In the great Synagogue, Duke’s Place, Dr. Adler read the prayer himself. We cordially unite in the same supplication, that relief may soon be granted to the oppressed.


Died, on the 11th of March, at Toronto, Canada West, Moses Nathan Binley, Esq., son of the late Dr. Binley, a convert to Judaism. Mr. B. was, we believe, in his 24th year, and had already distinguished himself in the profession of law, and had a prospect of a distinguished career, when his He fell a sacrifice to consumption, of which several others of his family had, died. His loss is deeply regretted by a large circle of friends, both in his native land and here. May he meet the reward of the righteous from his Father in heaven.